media & social media

it’s more than the medium

Media is no longer about the medium. It’s about understanding what your audience believes in and cares about, so that you can capture their attention in the sea of over 400 advertising inputs they receive each day. Not only are we experts at closing the gap between you and your audience, but also in saving our clients millions of dollars through rate negotiation and spend optimization. Cha-ching!


  • Media audit to reveal potential saving
  • Media research and planning
  • Media buying and rate negotiation
  • Social Media Strategy and Monitoring
  • Community management

case studies

“The media audit theturnlab performed revealed a 29.3% gap between the rates we were paying compared to the best market rates. We then hired theturnlab to renegotiate and optimize our rates and we saved over 7 figures on our annual media buy”

Sepideh Morshedizadeh, VP Marketing Mattamy Homes Canada


“With our major investment in upgrading our digital platforms we were keen to work with theturnlab media team that showed a deep understanding of digital media and how it can be used to both build the brand and drive conversions.”

Bryan Hudgin, Director of Marketing Yamaha Motor Canada

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